Company Profile

Integrity was founded and based on the desire to provide excellent, reliable and cost effective IT support for SMBs.

"In Ancient Roman times the role of the food server was considered to be a highly trusted and revered station. This was mainly due to the frequency of assasination attempts on the lives of Roman Senators through food poisoning. Roman waiters would be trusted to prevent this from happening and would often first taste a Senator's food to ensure his safety. Therefore, Ancient Roman waiters were only the most trusted and honorable of people."

This story is paraphrased based on the sage advice of Professor Gerald Fitzgerald, AB, AM, PhD (Harvard University) of Boston University upon learning one of his students would be a waiter over the summer. His eloquent point is a tenet at Integrity - bring honor, trust and reliability to the way you serve and you will become honorable, trustworthy and reliable. It is our goal for each 'waiter' at Integrity to serve in this manner.

Company History

Founded in May 2000, the company was originally focused on Enterprise IT; successfully architecting and deploying some of the worlds largest IT infrastructures. In 2003 Integrity leveraged these lessons learned for SMBs. Since then the SMB market has been our focus, yet customers continue to benefit from the lessons learned .

As the IT market has matured, Integrity has leveraged best of breed solutions for their customers focusing on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By 2007 Integrity managed over 85 servers representing 3,240 desktops or seats.

Why Choose Us

As a leader in the TaaS (Technology as a Service) industry we are able to deliver highly available solutions that fit your budget. Need Disaster Recovery but not the large price tag? We can help. Please contact us for more information on how we can solve your IT Management issues.


The Best of Professionals

Integrity staff are all advanced experts in their specialties and are carefully vetted for their demeanor and positive attitudes.

Being a propeller-head is important in this line of work, but having the right customer service focus is just as important. When we screen our employees our focus is equally razor sharp on both these skill sets. That is how we maintain 100% customer satisfaction and is a tenet that is followed by everyone at Integrity.


“ an extremely gifted IT professional. He brings the abilities and qualifications of a CTO or CIO, but works equally well alongside hard core network engineers. The combination of deep, up-to-date technical knowledge with the strategic and political skills he has makes [Integrity] a valuable business partner.” “
Chris Willey, CTO, MWCOG