Security and Standards Compliance

Security plans tailored to meet your business goals.

Securing business is more than just securing computers. Security surveys repeatedly report that most security incidents are caused by insiders with frequency ranging from 60 to 80 percent and that the monetary damages are significant, often millions of dollars. The question should be – where are these vulnerabilities and what is driving the costs?

With the growth of the Internet, intranets, extranets and wireless technology, doing business in today’s world creates value and adds convenience, but also introduces risk and liability. Integrity Business IT Solutions knows that global business must reach customers, suppliers, business partners, and other stakeholders, but these same connections create open vulnerabilities.

Integrity security engineers will work closely with you to develop and implement a Security Readiness Report addressing all levels within your IT infrastructure: from components and applications, to devices and systems, and out to supply chains and partners. Integrity threat and vulnerability assessments are performed quickly and methodically to meet your business schedules. Integrity will work with you to define the value of your information and systems to define “what is being protected” and determine “what it is being protected from”. Usually, hackers or other outsiders are the focus of security assessments, actually, insider problems cause over 70% of computer security incidents.

At Integrity, we realize that most managers and decision makers are not security experts. We focus on providing results in a language that can be easily understood by our business customers. Our objective is to ensure our assessments address the financial impact of repairing security “weak links” and minimizing the business impact of remaining security weaknesses. We will also work with you to put in place a program to maintain your security posture as your business evolves and security threats change. Contact Integrity for rates on specific security tasks and for estimates for custom security assessments.