Disaster Recovery

Server Management plans tailored to meet your business goals.

Business Continuity / Disaster Mitigation (BC/DM) begins with successful backup and restore of your IT data. The backed up data must exist locally (for fast restores) and off-site (for site disasters). Encryption, efficient storage and ease of use are “must-have” features.

Our Data Backup and Restore product provides secure, streamlined online-offsite data backup and restore that is highly scalable and easily customizable. Supported networks include Microsoft Windows® environments, Linux, Unix, Novell and AS/400. All major server products for file, database and mail data stores are supported. Finally, our 24x7x365 US-based Technical Assistance Center (TAC) ensures that you are never alone.

Backing Up Your IT Assets
Within your IT infrastructure, our software will reach out on your LAN and back up your critical and important mail, database and file data, without agents or human intervention. Typically, this software will be hosted on a supplied appliance, refered to as a Gateway. Alternatively, you can deploy the software on your hardware (e.g. for laptops).

Restoring Your Data
Data is typically restored from Gateway local storage at LAN speeds. Occasionally, data is restored from the Data Center via direct download or a portable data device.

Advantages Over Tape
Increased reliability and security. Restores are well over 99% reliable -- as opposed to 50% or less with tape. Data is encrypted both “in flight” and “at rest”, up to AES256 (the government standard for classified, secret and top-secret data).

Lower Total Cost of Ownership. For tape-based systems, the total cost is hidden across factors like hardware, software, media, labor and off-site tape storage service. When fully factored, the Data Backup and Restore product is more cost-effective.

The Disaster Recovery service supports “hot,” online backup of Microsoft® Exchange 2000 and 2003. The entire Information Store (IS) is backed up without agents and without affecting end users. Due to the unique delta-blocking capabilities, each backup captures all changes (logically equivalent to a “full” tape backup) while dramatically reducing the amount of data transmitted and stored (logically equivalent to an “incremental” tape backup). During a restore, simply select the date of backup and the system handles the reconstruction of the Information Store — no need for you to track the “full” and the “incrementals”.